Dear Vendor,

On our website we use a model which is based on giving discounts to our visitors. We think it is a “win-win-win” model because:

  1. A customer can save money on their purchase.
  2. You, as a vendor, receive a sale. Discounts motivate customers to buy your product(s).
  3. We, as an affiliate, receive a commission.

In order to organize the process of giving discounts, we have to use the next technologies that you might find abusive:

  1. Direct linking to the Order page for each item. Unfortunately, there is no other means for affiliates to direct our visitors to specific pages on your website.
  2. We use JavaScript to add an image with our hoplink. This technique ensures that we earn a commission as we have motivated a customer to purchase your product(s).

It is important to note that these techniques are legal and they are not prohibited in any way on the ClickBank website.

But, if for any reason you are against our approach and do not want us to publish your discounts, please do the next steps:

  1. Create a new file with the name DoNotPublishMyDiscounts.html anywhere on your website (for example, in the root of your domain). You should do this to prove that you are the real vendor of some product and not a competing affiliate.
  2. Email us with your ClickBank ID and a link to the file uploaded in Step 1.

We respect your opinion and will gladly remove your page from all websites in our network in 1 business day.

Thank you!