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– Advanced Edition: $97
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Phone Detox Introduction

In the technology era there is a constant need among people to stay connected to each other and one of the simplest way s to connect is through cellular phones. Although staying connected is a necessity in today’s world, most of the people fail to realize that they often end up getting addicted to their mobile phones.

We often hear or see various articles on phone addiction but there is no standard definition for phone addiction. In fact, the major section of society is unaware of the term called “Phone addiction”. Phone Detox is a system that helps normal people to overcome their weaknesses over cell phones and cure them from phone detox discount

The Phone Detox system was founded by Steven Parker, who like me and many others was also a phone addict. I was always intrigued by features of cell phones and this interest became my worst enemy. My phone addiction started about a decade ago when texting messages was the “coolest” thing in town. Over the years communication technology improved drastically and it is not limited to sending SMS- video calls, live chatting, email, working with personal files and documents, etc. became very common with cell phones and smart phones.

When I finally realized that I was spending more time with my cell phone than with my family and friends, I was already deeply addicted. It was almost like my phone has become a part of me – eating, sleeping, bathing, at parties, on holidays, and everywhere, my phone got priority. I was starting to get confined to virtual world and almost gave up hope of ever letting it go. And then I heard about Steven Parker and Phone Detox.

I must say that today I have the courage to control my cell phone and not the other way round. Phone Detox has proved to be a very important system in my life and due to it I’m enjoying my life to fullest and not through my phone’s camera.


The Phone Detox System is available in three editions:

Basic Edition

  1. Core System comprehensive guide
  2. Bonus Packs: No Screen, Surrogate

Advanced Edition

  1. Core System comprehensive guide
  2. Audio book
  3. Bonus Packs

Ultimate Edition

  1. Core System comprehensive guide
  2. Audio book
  3. Bonus Packs: No Screen, Surrogate, Healthy Life, Worksheets
  4. Life time access

Who Should Buy Phone Detox System?

If you think that you are spending too much time with your phone instead with your wife, kids, or friends, then might already be addicted to phone! This product is for those who want to control their phone addiction but is somehow unable to do achieve the same.

Pros and cons of the Phone Detox System


  1. Available with flexible options (Basic/Advanced/Ultimate) at reasonable rates
  2. Bonus pack of 60 Days available with money back guarantee!
  3. Audio book is the best
  4. Phone usage tracker


  1. Lifetime access not available in Advanced Edition
  2. Basic Edition might not be suitable for highly addictive people

Conclusion & Recommendation

If you are suffering from phone addiction then Phone Detox will definitely help you to overcome it. It is better to outline your objectives clearly and establish a good action plan. This will help phone addicts to define you requirements from Phone Detox and also monitor improvement.
I recommend all phone addicts to buy the Phone Detox before it’s too late!

Phone Detox Discount.

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